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2018’s Hottest Legal Jobs

2018’s Hottest Legal Jobs on

The best legal career opportunities for 2018

The past 5-10 years have been a bit of rollercoaster for those seeking work in the field of law. Fortunately, the legal industry is vast, with a wide assortment of roles for those with and without extensive legal educations. The trick is being flexible and knowing where to look.

Top 5 job prospects in the field of law

While many who pursuit a career in law have specific areas they want to be involved with, those willing to adapt to the job market have some exciting options. Here are five blooming legal careers – some require a JD, others don’t.

1. Court reporter. With less and less people entering this profession, a shortage is driving up demand for court reporters, and salaries right along with it. Court reporters use stenographic equipment to transcribe court testimony, speeches, and other legal proceedings at a blazing 200+ words per minute! An associate’s degree, or postsecondary certificate in court reporting and stenography is required.

2. Intellectual property lawyer. Intellectual property (IP) law is one of the most in-demand fields of law today. This is largely due to the fact that IP – a creative invention, design, work of art, etc. – drives our current economy. IP attorneys deal with trademark, patent, and copyright law, which apply to just about every industry open for business in 2018.

3. Legal secretary. As the call for legal services continues to grow, so does the need for administrative assistants, also known as “legal secretaries.” Legal secretaries have taken advantage of advancements in law office technology to enlist in greater and greater responsibilities within law firms, and the position usually only requires an associate’s degree or legal secretary certificate.

4. Compliance specialist. Remember the Enron scandal of 2001? To prevent anything like it from happening again, in 2002, Congress enacted the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Among the results were a litany of new regulations and one of the most in demand job markets in the legal profession today. Compliance specialists assist corporations and consulting firms in ensuring their affairs stay nice and legal. Typically a bachelors in finance, business, or another related field is required.

5. Healthcare attorneys. The Affordable Care Act has created an in-demand niche for lawyers. Debates on the new law, embryonic stem cells, end-of-life care, and what’s considered legal medicine are fueling an exciting and ever-expanding call for medically-related legal counsel.

The value of versatility

As the legal market diversifies, so are must those working in the legal profession – professional success can be had by adapting to the changing environment.

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