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Got a Great Assistant? Forget the Fruitcake! Here are Some Top Holiday Gift Ideas

Got a Great Assistant? Forget the Fruitcake! Here are Some Top Holiday Gift Ideas on

Show your appreciation with these tasteful and fun holiday gift surprises

When it comes to holiday gifts for employees, some bosses know how to give the perfect present… but most are completely clueless when it comes to getting gifts that the recipient will actually enjoy using. Carelessly choosing employee gifts might take less time than putting thought into the process, but it could give your employees the idea that you don’t really know them, or worse—that you don’t care.

However, choosing the right gifts won’t just make your employees happy at the moment. Showing that you appreciate their hard work could put you on their nice list for years to come.

Grocery or department store gift cards

Grocery or department store gift cards might not be the most unique present—but they’re incredibly useful. Everyone needs food and new clothes; and even if your employees don’t end up getting something special for themselves with the card, one less routine grocery or department store bill is surely a gift worth cheering for.

Plus, if you know a bit about employee’s shopping tastes, you can easily get a gift card for a specialty gourmet market or upscale boutique; making this ever-useful present just a little more personal.

Olive oil or balsamic vinegar

If your employee likes to cook (or if they have a significant other that does), olive oil or balsamic vinegar can be an incredibly useful gift. Used in everything from salad dressings to soups, sauces, fish, meat, and even some soufflés, these ingredients are available in a versatile array of prices, ages, brands, and flavors.

Extra paid time off

There’s nothing more valuable than having extra time to spend with family and friends during the holiday season, which makes paid time off a great way to reward your employees for a job well done. The beauty of paid time off is that it allows your employees to enjoy themselves without feeling guilty that they aren’t doing enough to support their families. And while it might seem like a cop-out, it’s an inexpensive way to give employees a gift they’ll almost certainly enjoy.

Restaurant gift cards

Experiences are often more valuable than things—and giving a restaurant gift card makes sure that your employee can enjoy a fun experience instead of just using a more generic gift. If you are giving a restaurant gift card, make sure it’s substantial enough to at least cover a decent meal for two; otherwise, employees who don’t often eat out to save money might not use the card at all.

Hardcover books

A hardcover book is a great way to give an inexpensive gift that caters to an employee’s personal tastes and interests. Luckily, you don’t even have to know an employee too well to give a tasteful book gift; just one or two simple conversations about their personal interests should suffice to make a good choice!

Keep in mind that a great gift isn’t just about pleasing your employees; it’s about showing them that you appreciate their hard work. And whether you choose a personal gift, or something that’s universally appealing, you’re employees are sure to appreciate the fact that you thought of them this holiday season.

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