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Is YouTube a Good Place to Market Your Law Firm?

Is YouTube a Good Place to Market Your Law Firm? on

YouTube is a complement to your marketing strategy—it’s a powerful storytelling device that helps people connect with you on a human level

Lawyers win cases by presenting accurate and compelling information. It’s also how they win new clients. After all, a record of success will only get you so far. Sooner or later, clients have to decide if your personalities mesh.

How do you give prospective clients a taste of your operating style? YouTube was made for this. It’s a perfect way to demonstrate your skills as a litigator and an orator.

In good company

You can be forgiven if you think that YouTube is nothing but a giant ocean of cat videos and other such trivial digital media. It’s a communications channel not to be taken lightly. It was, after all, the venue both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton used to announce their respective bids for the presidency.

It’s unlikely that a law firm is going to amass as many followers as any of the Kardashian sisters, but subscribers shouldn’t be your objective. It’s a way for prospects to see lawyers as humans. It’s also a way talk to both prospects and existing clients about how you can add value. After all, people hire lawyers, not law firms.

YouTube is a superb way for lawyers to finally turn the tables and make their outward communications not about themselves. These can be short and informative pieces, or comprehensive interviews that cast light on areas of expertise. Your objective is to tell a story, and to explain your “why.” Ultimately, this is marketing, but at the outset, it’s simply a way for you to help people put your services into their worldview.

Why are you there?

If you don’t have expectations, you can’t measure benefits. The easiest and most productive route is to end your YouTube videos with a call to action. Make sure it’s obvious why you created the video. You’ve provided some kind of solution or shared valuable information as a subject matter expert for a reason. What is that, and how can the viewer put it to use?

YouTube continues to grow as a source for industry updates and breaking news. Videos that explain how a news event or new law will impact the public are a powerful way to connect with prospects and deepen your relationship with existing clients. It has created a new category of behavior and expectations. Is your sink clogged? Head to YouTube and find out what to do about it.

Take that analogy and put it to use for yourself. What scenarios would cause someone to seek out your services? Answer that question and you’ll never run out of ideas for YouTube videos.

High production values aren’t as important as relevance and timing. Interviews give viewers insight and perspective. Bring in outside experts to interview. It helps prospects judge your interaction skills.

It’s your style

Google gives ranking preferences to videos because it’s what people want to consume. Video engages. And, of course, there’s also the fact that Google owns YouTube. So, if prospecting is one of your marketing objectives, YouTube must become a part of your arsenal. Video that establishes you as a subject matter expert will be rich in content that highlights your SEO keywords. You’ll be found in search engines, and people will connect with you because your YouTube videos first help them validate that you understand their problem, and then that you are a solution to the problem.

Video puts lawyers in their best light, and YouTube reaches more adults during the prime time viewing hours than television. Your videos don’t have to be highly polished, but they do have to be sincere. The most popular videos on YouTube are made by nonprofessionals. The videos succeed because they were made by people who expressed passion about something they want to share.

If you’re still struggling with what your YouTube videos would be about, maybe it’s because you’re trying to make them more about marketing than storytelling. What’s the one thing you can’t wait to get home to tell your significant other about? You’ve just identified your next YouTube video subject.

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