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# Unique Ways to Thank Your Staff for Stellar Work

# Unique Ways to Thank Your Staff for Stellar Work on

Show your staff you care with these thoughtful thank-you ideas

Law-firm life can be stressful—and when your employees work hard, it’s always a good idea to reward them for their efforts. Most people think that means a bonus or a raise, but with economic factors to consider, offering more money to thank your staff isn’t always easy (or possible, if we’re being honest).

Luckily, it’s likely your employees care about more than just money when they come to work; and that means there are lots of unique ways to reward and recognize their perseverance and dedication to your firm. Here are a few great ways to thank the people that make it all possible.

Thank you notes

While this might seem old fashioned or plain—a simple handwritten note can really brighten an employee’s day and show them that you’ve seen their hard work, and more importantly, that you care. While a sticky note with “thank you” on it is nice, it’s often better to write a more detailed note— thanking the employee for a specific project, accomplishment, or trait they bring to the office, like a great sense of humor or a relentlessly positive attitude.

Flexible hours

A strict 9-5+ work week in the office is standard fare for law firm employees, but rigid office hours can be tough, especially for those with a lot of personal commitments such as family members or children to take care of. With flexible hours, you can allow trusted employees the option of coming in early, leaving late, and re-arranging their hours somewhat in order to make their lives a bit easier.

Working remotely

While flexible hours are a great way to help take the load off of employees with busy home lives or other commitments, it can still be tough to come into an office 40-50 hours a week. And depending on the situation, maybe some of your employees shouldn’t have to.

It’s a good idea to keep in mind why you hired employees in the first place—to get work done (not just to be in an office). Allowing experienced and tested employees to work remotely, whether full time, once a week, or just once in a while, shows them that you trust them, appreciate their ability to do great work, and are willing to go out on a limb sometimes to make their lives easier.

Better parking

Many employees see parking as one of the biggest hassles they have to deal with on a daily basis; especially if your office is located in a crowded office park or densely populated urban area. A better parking spot doesn’t just show employees that you appreciate their hard work– it shows that you understand them; and by showing them that you feel their pain, you’ll likely come across as a more understanding, compassionate, and effective leader.

Paid time off

In many cases, paid time off results in more employee satisfaction than a simple bonus, and it’s often much easier to handle financially for you and your firm. Your employee(s) can enjoy their day with friends, family, or simply a really long nap, secure in the fact that they’re getting paid to relax.

Pizza party

Nothing says “Thank you!” to your entire staff like throwing a big office pizza party, especially if it ends with an early day at the office. Simply order everyone’s favorite pies from a great local place, along with some garlic rolls, breadsticks, and desserts (think brownies and ice cream) and you have a full-fledged office celebration. Throw in some wings and you might just become everyone’s favorite boss!

When it comes to giving your staff rewards, it ‘pays’ to think in terms of non-monetary gifts. But don’t just take our word for it—get out there and ask your staff what they want as a reward for a job well done. Simply asking them can go a long way in letting them know you care.

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