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Could Webinars Be the Perfect Marketing Tool for Your Firm?

Could Webinars Be the Perfect Marketing Tool for Your Firm? on

How your legal expertise can go global 24/7

When you market yourself, you want to achieve three things: get yourself noticed, establish expertise in your field, and convince the crowd you have what they need. Webinars give the modern law firm a powerful online platform for self-promotion and audience engagement/education. Unlike the traditional seminar, webinars are never over and impossible to miss: the click of a button makes it immediately available for all future viewers. They’re a finite investment of your time that, once uploaded, can be viewed anywhere, at any time.

In an ad-saturated world, webinars could be the edge you need to give the public something. There are as many ways to present one as there are personalities behind them. There are, however, key questions to ask yourself and firm rules to follow in order to make your law firm webinar a truly effective marketing tool.

Why webinars?

In the modern marketing sphere, advertising is dying as consumers are overwhelmed by more and more sales messages. In fact, as many as 84% of modern consumers don’t trust traditional advertising. When every other law firm is advertising themselves, webinars stand out from the crowd by providing something of value.

A prospective client is more likely to identify and do business with a firm that offers them information, guidance, and even a little entertainment. It’s not enough to be well-versed in your field when creating a law firm webinar. Thinking like a marketer will allow you to generate compelling content, and here’s how.

Prioritize your promotion

You don’t have to hire out a hall for a digital seminar, but you still need to initially advertise it. Promote your webinar like an effective marketer by:

  • Notifying existing clients – Let every member of your email list, Facebook page, and Twitter audience know that a webinar is on its way. A daily reminder across social media in the week before launch will keep it fresh in their minds and give them advance notice to set time aside. Note: making each successive reminder different from the last (varying graphics are effective here) will build excitement and maintain engagement.
  • Going beyond existing clients – There are online sites such as Webinar Base and Webinara which offer assistance in promoting your event, while other compelling sites provide free or affordable help. Every platform you can use will be to your benefit.
  • Creating a trailer – Your webinar is a visual event for your audience, so why not create a short advance trailer touching on the key points you plan to deliver?
  • Offering an incentive – Providing your legal knowledge and insight for free is a great way to connect with existing and potential clients, but it’s also wise to offer a further incentive in your webinar. A couple of examples here may be a download link to a free white paper, or a free in-person consultation.
  • Limiting the initial audience – A complimentary step to providing an incentive, making your initial broadcast available to a limited number of attendees can position you as an exclusive content provider.

How to craft an engaging webinar

It’s important to remember that your law firm’s webinar is a digital marketing tool and so is subject to greater consumer control than a seminar. If they don’t like what you’re saying or how you’re saying it, you’re gone in the click of a button. Clarity is key in successfully communicating your value proposition. Simplify your message down to the basics: problem/situation, solution/service, and call to action.

You may want to address a legal issue head on, or perhaps tie a legal solution into an existing problem or situation that is topical. Demonstrating awareness of the issues that can lead to litigation will prevent your webinars from becoming too narrowly focused. Yes, webinars plural. The first one will be the toughest to get right but will give you a template with which to continue marketing yourself with follow-up events. If you want to market yourself successfully you’ll have to keep the content coming.

You’ll want to be prepared on the technical side too, so check out which webinar software will help you provide not only the best audio and visuals, but open effective features such as video presentation and audience interaction.

Don’t forget the Golden Rules

Remember that your webinar is a marketing exercise. Make sure to employ the number one moves in the marketer’s arsenal. These are to put your customer first and create a sense of urgency or scarcity that will motivate your viewers to seek you out. It may seem a little manipulative, but remember you’re giving away your expertise for free so it’s OK to expect some return on that investment.

As a provider of legal services, it’s likely your viewers are either already in need of your services or are aware they may be, one day. If you’ve filled your webinar with valuable content that details what you offer and how it can improve the lives of your audience, you’ll have properly established how valuable you are and how risky it might be to pass you by.

Webinars are a very promising tool in your marketing strategy. Client centric, content focused and available around the clock, they’re ahead of traditional forms of advertising. Know your audience and what they can gain from your service. Present it well and your law firm has everything to gain from producing regular and targeted webinar content.

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