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Solo Practitioners: Do You Need a Website and Social Media to Get Clients?

Solo Practitioners: Do You Need a Website and Social Media to Get Clients? on

In a word: Yes.

Let’s face facts. In the old days when someone needed an attorney, they’d depend on personal references from friends and family or they’d turn to their grandparent’s lawyer, even if he was a hundred years old. But today, no matter who they are, your potential clients will usually turn to the web to search for representation.

While there are still folks out there who will ask for referrals from people they know and trust, the reality is that those shopping for an attorney will do it in much the same way they shop for everything else—online. Here’s a look at more reasons your solo practice needs a website and social media accounts to get clients:

Marketing your firm

Having an online presence increases the odds that those looking for someone with your expertise will find you. And when you think about the fact that most big firms have a website and are engaging online, having your own site ensures that you’ll be able to compete for attention when seeking new business. Remember, when someone is in need of an attorney with your unique skills, they will begin their search online and without a website, they won’t find you. And if you create your website well, and use the right keywords, you’ll rank higher on search results for your area of expertise.

Establish your reputation

People do their homework and when it comes to hiring an attorney, they want to know who you are, what your background is, how long you’ve been in practice, and where you earned your law degree, among other things. Your website can provide all this information as well as testimonials from satisfied clients and informative content that will establish your credibility as an expert. Having a blog on your site enhances your trustworthiness among visitors, especially when you feature articles that are not sales-orientated, rather about topics relating to your law specialty.

Give people a way to get in touch

Your website is like a 24 hour/7 day-a-week direct line to you. Clients and potential ones can use your site to get in touch with you via email. It also acts as an advertisement 365 days a year, and gives your target audience the ability to learn more about you in the way that is most comfortable for them.

Start a conversation

With your website and social media pages, you can not only post informative content, you can also connect with many people at one time. Making connections with other attorneys, court reporters, and other industry professionals, as well as those who may be on the lookout for a lawyer, can only benefit your practice. It puts you in front of the people, and if you post responsibly and professionally, potential clients will have an opportunity to learn what you’re all about.

As a solo practitioner, getting new clients is likely at the top of your list. Luckily, using the web for your marketing and advertising efforts is not only relatively inexpensive, it affords you the opportunity to generate awareness of your firm to a limitless amount of people through numerous channels. So even if you plan on investing in TV, display ads, or some other form of traditional advertising, be sure to get your website up and running and start establishing your firm online.

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