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Video Marketing for Lawyers Can Be Effective

Video Marketing for Lawyers Can Be Effective on

…but only when it’s done right

When Forbes magazine labels something as the future of content marketing, it’s a good idea to take notice. The figures in favor of business video marketing are fantastic: a video in an email can increase clicks by up to 300%, video embedded website landing pages convert 80% more visitors and putting a face to a name increases recall by another 80%. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then one minute of video marketing is worth 1.8 million. With the average business producing 18 videos every month (and more eye-opening statistics), is your law practice keeping up a visible profile?

Business video marketing is the firm handshake with eye contact for the modern firm. As a lawyer, video marketing is your opportunity to connect to a vast potential audience. If you’re an established practice you can let people know and draw in even more clients. If you’re on the rise, a well-produced video can project just the professional image required to attract new business.

The way to create winning video marketing

The one thing to remember above all others when creating your business video marketing is that this video spotlighting you, starring you and promoting you is not about you. It’s about the client’s need for information and assistance. When the camera rolls, the best legal video marketing will put prospective clients’ potential problems front and center while stating clearly how you can help.

Inform, empathize and incentivize. Show them you know what they’re going through, that it’s your business to help, and finish with a strong call to action (CTA) as to why you’re the best firm for a solution.

Time is a major factor

Secondly, keep it brief. You don’t want to rush your video marketing message. However, you’d be wise to remember the attention span of the modern content viewer. Such is the proliferation and speed of modern media that the average attention span is less than that of a goldfish. This doesn’t mean you should hurry or cut valuable content; just trim the fat and don’t ramble.

This awareness of your time window will help you craft a more concise message. If you’re dealing with a small budget and therefore serious time constraints, the simple inclusion of a GIF in your social media marketing can still help your exposure and business take an upturn.

Look and sound the part

The quality of your visuals is a crucial element that goes hand in hand with a well-written CTA. A strong message with quality sound won’t matter if your video looks terrible. Make sure you use the best possible camera equipment available to you, and select an uncluttered background. The variety of available options available for visual recording puts quality video content within reach of every lawyer intent on achieving it.
How your content looks also depends on how you visually present yourself. Consider the impression you want your clothing, stance and mannerisms to make. There are many approaches to suit the myriad personalities and practices out there. Just remember to always be clear, concise, calm and sincere.

Seek feedback on your video from neutral parties

Finally, you want to find out the impression your content is making before it reaches its audience. The odds are you will either be too kind or too hard on the finished product if left to grade its quality alone. Friends and family may let pride or tact interfere with their own appraisal of your video.

Thusly, unbiased feedback on your video marketing is extremely valuable. If you’ve enlisted the help of a marketing team you can be sure they’ll make you look your best. If you’re handling the video yourself, it’s very important to gather the opinions of neutral parties. Any criticisms can be used to strengthen your message and the impact of your marketing content.

Following these key pointers will bring you into line with your competitors who are likely already using business video marketing to positive effect. If they’re not, you’ll be ahead of the game.

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