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How to Get Your Law Firm More Referrals

How to Get Your Law Firm More Referrals on

Even though search tech dominates conversations surrounding marketing, word-of-mouth is still the best way to attract your ideal clients

There are three different types of referrals that law firms can use in order to cut out some of the work from their own marketing process. Using referrals often leads ideal clients directly to your doorstep because one satisfied client will likely bring in another client very similar to him or her.

The benefits of referral clients

When a referral client comes your way, it is easier to initiate a relationship because you already have something in common that you can use as a touch point to initiate working together. The three types of referrals that law firms can use are:

1. Expertise based referrals: Someone recommends your firm as a result of their awareness of your expertise within a particular field.

2. Experience based referrals: These are likely the referrals you’re actively pursuing because they are the direct result of your experience working with an individual or organization.

3. Reputation based referrals: Individuals come to you because they are familiar with your reputation in your community, even if they haven’t worked with you in the past.

Make sure your message matches your mission

One of the most common reasons that individuals do not choose to work with a law firm is because they are not familiar with how a particular firm could help them. Being able to demonstrate this on your website is one way to increase the chances of referrals. You may also wish to use an incentive program to encourage prospective clients who are already working with you to pass business your way.

Clients who already know and love your work are likely to give a solid seal of approval when they encounter someone who is a good fit for you. Letting your existing clients know just how much you appreciate this, though, is something you can incorporate across your firm in order to increase the chances of success. Make sure you have a plan to communicate with your current clients on an ongoing basis.

Touch base with existing clients

Sending a simple thank you note as well as other touch points throughout the year, like newsletters and holiday cards, can also remind your existing clients of the relationship they have with you and keep your name fresh in their mind when they are interacting with others.

Following up with all of your clients after you have concluded a case is another way to indicate to them that they are more than just a one-time interaction for you. Building a relationship with your clients makes it that much easier for them to refer other business your way when they meet a potential ideal client for you.

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