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Is Management Part of Your Law Office Culture?

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Maybe it should be.

Every law office has a manager: the go-to person for all things administrative, including everything from making sure the coffee station is stocked and everyone’s computer is up and running to keeping track of client payments and much, much more. And while any well-run firm knows the immense value of an efficient office manager, there’s something to be said for the firms that breed a management culture.

All hail the delegator

No one person can do everything. And while your office manager keeps your firm running like a well-oiled machine, those managers who are able to delegate will ultimately achieve a higher level of success. Delegating certain tasks and training others to help out when needed ensures that everyone knows how to handle things when the manager is unable to be there or is having to deal with something more pressing. It also allows your manager to focus his/her efforts on assisting with other company efforts, like expanding your firm’s reach.

They’ll be in a management state of mind

Encouraging a sense of common responsibility among your team will also deepen your team’s connection to the company and increase their level of engagement. When everyone begins to think as a manager, they can contribute fresh ideas which gives the management team a new perspective on ways to improve the firm’s operations.

A team that can wear many hats

Everyone has their specialty, and your law firm is no exception. But instilling a management culture among all your team members exposes them to the responsibilities of their co-workers. If you’ve ever worked your way up in a company, you know the value of understanding what it takes to perform the duties of other positions. It gives you a multifaceted skill set, making you that much more equipped to do your job. Which in turn means they’ll be even more qualified to serve your clients and help build the firm. Allowing everyone to take on some of the management duties, however big or small they may be, will also enable them to broaden their horizons, gain a deeper appreciation for what others do and foster a greater sense of camaraderie.

Those law firms that wish to maximize their potential and the potential of their entire team understand the value of delegating management tasks and bringing everyone onboard toward a common goal. The results? A highly efficient team of experts who are engaged, enthusiastic, and effective.