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Art of Delegation

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The Art of Delegation: Why Every Lawyer Needs to Become a Master

The Art of Delegation: Why Every Lawyer Needs to Become a MasterThe Art of Delegation: Why Every Lawyer Needs to Become a Master on

You can’t do it alone—period.

It’s empowering, almost spellbinding, when you think about how you singlehandedly help so many people. Whether you’re defending the innocent, getting justice for the victimized, or putting away bad guys, being an attorney is your remarkable superpower. But those who take on all of the responsibilities that encompass every case, or running a firm, find themselves hitting a very hard, very painful brick wall in the form of burnout. You simply can’t do it all, all of the time, and that’s why every lawyer needs to learn the art of delegation. Here are more reasons why.

Delivering a higher quality of work and attention

Your clients come first but if you’re operating as an island, you can’t possibly deliver the kind of attention to every single client all of the time. It’s not humanly possible. So instead of being the lone ranger, delegate simple tasks like responding to emails or phone calls, returning messages and setting up meetings. Whether you get yourself a trusted assistant or turn to one of the staff members, allowing others to manage some of the easier tasks will free you up to give that attention and focus to each case.

A chance for others to grow

If you’ve been an attorney for some time, you likely had a more senior lawyer throw you a bone once in a while. And when you delegate to a lower level attorney or staff members at your firm, you’re paying it forward. If you take the time to train them, there’s no reason that these team members can’t handle many of the tasks that are taking up a lot of your time. Giving people a chance to learn and to further develop their skills is not only good for them, it’s good for your firm.

Frees up time for more important pursuits

Imagine how much more effective you’ll be when you’re not spending hours a day on mundane, repetitive tasks that could easily be handled by someone else. When you delegate, you open up time in your schedule to focus on things like client development, building your firm, and the more complex responsibilities that really can only be accomplished by you.

Gives you a real break

When you’re not operating as an island you can actually go to one or anywhere else you want for that matter. When was the last time you had a real vacation? If you spend 16 hours a day managing your cases, working with clients, filing motions and doing everything for every case, you may never ride that awesome wave or gaze out at the mountains in Montana or do whatever you’re dreaming of doing when you don’t have to work. In a nutshell, all work and no play makes you a dull, dull boy or girl. So delegate today and start sipping that piña colada tomorrow!

Give your clients better peace of mind

It’s unnerving enough for people to be involved in a lawsuit or any legal situation, but what happens when you’re simply unavailable for your client? If you’re the only one they ever talk to or deal with, it’s likely they will feel underserved and that something pressing has to wait. If you truly want to give your clients the best possible legal representation, they need to know there’s another person who’s capable, knowledgeable and understanding of their needs.

After reading this quick overview, it should be clear why becoming a master at delegating will not only help you, it will ultimately help your entire firm and improve your business. Start as soon as possible and reap the many benefits that sharing the load with others will bring. For more helpful information and tips, check our blog often. We hope you enjoyed The Art of Delegation: Why Every Lawyer Needs to Become a Master.