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Client Care Manager

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Does Your Law Firm Need a Client Care Manager?

Does Your Law Firm Need a Client Care Manager? on

If you want to provide outstanding service to clients without sacrificing your time to give it, a client care manager could be the perfect solution

As an attorney, you are at the helm of a busy operation where a team comes together to serve your clients. As your business grows, it might be the case that your law firm needs a client care manager to deliver the highest value of quality and service to those clients. The relationship between in-house counsel and clients can become more difficult to manage as the firm grows bigger and it might not be in the comfort zone—or the schedule—for an attorney to handle the particular tasks associated with client care.

Reasons to use a professional client care manager in your law firm

Law firms can benefit from using a professional client care manager hired through an account management or a non-fee earning role. These individuals should be dedicated to key clients.

Client Goals

The primary reason for this is that clients want their attorneys to understand their business and their industry and to have one or two consistent points of contact who are readily available at various hours. Clients are also interested in a move away from the hourly rate and better value from their law firms.

Partner Goals

From the partner’s perspective in a law firm, however, they too want to understand a client’s business and industry. They also want each client to feel that they are special to that individual partner and for the associates within their own teams to help achieve all of these goals. In many cases, it doesn’t make sense for partners to be the sales team or the client care manager.

Meshing client and partner goals

Hiring an outside professional to focus on both client and partner goals allows you to give your clients the best possible service and quality and all of the other elements they need from a modern law firm—without compromising your own time and energy. Having a single point of contact when their attorney isn’t available is a great way to make sure they feel valued and that all of their concerns and questions are addressed. Working together, the attorney and the client care manager can be an unstoppable team.

In some situations, the client care manager may be able to address the client’s concerns without having to speak to the attorney at all. He or she can serve as a gatekeeper for figuring out important information that does need to be passed on to the attorney while still giving the client that personal point of contact. If your company has grown and your key clients still require personalized attention, hiring a law firm client care manager can help you do this.