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Cost Comparison: Digital vs Traditional Court Reporting

Cost Comparison: Digital vs Traditional Court Reporting on

Lower pricing for digital recording often comes at a price

Since digital recording has definitely come on to the scene in a major way to keep track of what happens in America’s courtrooms, it is important to understand all of the costs associated with using this instead of a traditional court reporter.


Digital recording is less expensive, but potentially not effective

A digital reporting service is usually less expensive than hiring the services of a certified stenographer. In addition to the recording, these companies will often include a free video from their laptop. Most of the time, the reason for throwing in this freebie and the lower price is because it takes a lot longer to get a transcript from a digital recorder. Individuals making use of this service pay pennies for transcription because the audio is streamed out to other countries.

However, it is important to realize that there are also opportunity costs associated with having an outside firm do this. When your audio is shipped out to another country to be streamed and transcribed, the potential for poor transcription and poor audio are high.

What value is there to a transcription of a recording with poor audio quality? The transcriptionist is often put in the position of trying to sort through information he or she may not natively understand. Remember to consider not just the financial cost of opting for digital recording, but the potential costs associated with mistakes.

Court reporting: accuracy and real time availability

A court reporter, however, primarily spends his or her time in courtrooms and understands the various terms and jargon that are thrown around. He or she can stop to ask questions if there is an issue with the quality of audio or if someone’s verbal statement was not heard. It is too late to do this after the fact when you use digital recording, which is a significant disadvantage.

While poor audio quality already a risk, the fact that a non-English speaker with little to no legal experience will likely be making the transcription for the digital court reporting service amplifies the risks for mistakes being made in the actual transcript.

So while it might seem that digital court reporting is more cost effective when taken at face value, the associated risks can actually be detrimental the accuracy of your record and the conclusion of your case.

Hiring a court reporter to do it properly the first time and to stop and ask questions where necessary can go a long way towards minimizing mistakes and ensuring that you get both value and quality with your final product. To discover more of the benefits realtime court reporting can offer you, call us at 954-467-6867 or simply request a quote.

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