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How Customer Surveys Can Improve Your Practice

How Customer Surveys Can Improve Your Practice on

You want to know what clients are saying, even if it’s not as positive as you would like

As a busy member of a law firm, it can be very easy to overlook the benefits of using a customer survey to learn more about how you are doing. There are many benefits associated with using a customer survey and evaluating the answers from such a survey can go a long way towards improving your practice and your relationships with your existing clients. Read on to learn more about some of the key ways that a customer survey can help you.

Better strategic planning

When you receive a customer survey, it can inform you more about the areas of the law that your customers and clients feel you are most effective with. This allows you to zero in and focus on a particular sector of your practice and use the lessons from individuals working in that sector to inform other departments. Perhaps this encourages you to focus specifically on that type of practice or you can see what is working in that particular department and think about how you can broaden it to other departments.

Better client relationships with existing clients

A customer survey may reveal issues that you weren’t aware that you had and the customer survey results can help you determine the best way to handle this. Identifying problems at this grassroots level with an anonymous survey gives you insight into where you could be doing better as well as where you are already doing well. Your existing customers will benefit from your renewed interest to serving them in a high level way.

Better relationships with new clients

Sometimes you might not realize the challenges associated with a certain part of your practice until the client has already been entrenched in a relationship with you for many years. You may learn about some of the things that you could do better in the onboarding process to make them feel more valued and special as a client. Looking at how your existing clients have rated your services and what they think you can do better will allow you to take a holistic approach towards improving things with both your current and your future clients.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a customer survey. Implementing one today can give you anonymous feedback about what you are doing well and also show where there is room for improvement. Implementing a customer survey can help you improve a thriving practice and close gaps where there are issues.