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How Digital Recording Mistakes Impact Court Cases

How Digital Recording Mistakes Impact Court Cases on

Relying solely on a digital recording can be the biggest mistake you make—here’s why

With the rise of digital recording tools, many courts are investigating their options for using digital recorders as opposed to a traditional court reporter. While this seems flashy and very easy to use on its face, it is important to realize that there are many challenges associated with using a digital recorder. This is particularly true in the case of when mistakes are made.

When a mistake is made on a digital court recording, it can be very difficult for numerous parties involved. Read on to learn more about some of the most common mistakes that happen with digital court reporting and how they can be avoided by using an experienced court reporter.

Mistake #1: Accidentally taping conversations

Since a digital recording captures all noise in the courtroom, it might capture background noise as well as confidential conversations between an attorney and his or her client. Not only is this not necessary, but it violates the privacy that these two individuals should have. It can also muffle other sound in the courtroom and make it difficult for the person transcribing the file to tell what actually needs to be written down.

Mistake #2: Inaudible responses

One of the biggest challenges, even in Broward County, is that even though the courthouses are wired to be digital, there are many times when the transcripts cannot be gotten out and they have instead had to hire real reporters to do the transcripts because of inaudible responses. Every citizen that goes into a courtroom in the United States has the right to have an accurate record.

This can be violated when their inaudible responses are discovered after the facts. Sadly, many of the inaudible responses associated with these kinds of court hearings are only discovered after the court has brought the case to a conclusion. This presents significant challenges as it relates to appeals, especially because it can be difficult to determine what is actually in the record.

Mistake #3: The machine malfunctions or does not allow for proper storage

If there is any malfunction in the machine, it could violate the individual’s right to have an accurate copy of the court record. Unfortunately, there is just too much left to chance in the situations involving digital court recorders.

When an experienced stenographer is present, however, questions can be asked back about the record immediately in the courtroom and the court reporter would have some ability to ask questions or read back materials as necessary. This can help to eliminate mistakes before it is too late while also giving relevant individuals access to an accurate record of what happened in the court.

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