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There’s a Legal App for That

There’s a Legal App for That on

A look at trial presentation technology and software

Although the legal profession is steeped in tradition and precedence, the law has made plenty of room for modern advancement. Today’s attorneys have many tech tools to help prepare for trials, including software and apps that can do everything from organize a presentation to help in jury selection.

Today, we’re looking at some of the most popular tools that have made trial prep easier.

The tablet revolution

Actually, before we touch on specific software, we have to mention the one tool that has transformed trial presentations…the iPad. Tablets are now used to create dynamic, streamlined presentations that mean doing away with bringing large folders, files and boxes of evidence into the courtroom. Everything can be stored on an iPad for easy access during the trial.

Trial software

As for software, new programs have challenged the dominance of PowerPoint as a presentation tool. Apple’s Keynote and Prezi are two of the most popular ones. These programs can be created on a laptop and then transferred to an iPad or other tablet device if needed.

Apps for trial preparation

The two most popular trial apps are TrialPad  and TrialDirector. Both help organize, manage, search, annotate and store everything needed for your trial, including files, documents, photographs and videos. The programs make it easy to find and select any file, allowing you to skip back and forth in your presentation seamlessly.

TrialPad and TrialDirector capabilities include*:

  • Easy document storage, navigation, and management
  • Callout, laser, highlighting, and redacting tools
  • Display a section of a transcript for emphasis
  • Overlay exhibits for easy comparison (such as comparing handwriting samples)
  • Show split screen for side-by-side comparisons
  • Bookmark exhibits for quicker access
  • A variety of shapes, lines, and drawing tools
  • Freeform drawing on a virtual whiteboard

Allows you to import photographs and videos, as well as different types of files, including: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, multi-page TIF and TXT, DOCX, XLS, PPT, Keynote, Pages & Numbers

*Note: Not all features are available with both apps

Timeline 3D – Lets you create a list of chronological events, add media and then turn it into a visual timeline for a jury. It can be exported to PowerPoint or Keynote and displayed in full screen and 3D perspectives.

TranscriptPad – A full-featured app that allows you to store, organize, review and annotate transcripts. Search across an entire case or a single witness or deposition.

iJuror – This app lets you record information about potential jurors, assign scores, color codes, demographics of the jury, and even configure a seating chart.

Bloomberg Law – A free app (for subscribers) that is a great tool for legal research. Sign up to receive alerts for legal news, access articles, track dockets, opinions or bills.

Fed Courts – This app has full text of federal and local rules of procedure for every court in the country.

Picture It Settled – If you are trying to reach a settlement before embarking on a trial, this app can help analyze the positions of the litigants and develop a negotiation strategy.

TrialWorks App – A companion to the TrialWorks case management software, which provides on-the-go access to documents, notes, dates, and contacts.

See even more trial-related apps at BullsEye Legal News.

Technology has taken trial preparation into a new century. These examples are just some of the tools, which can help you prepare for trial and ensure your presentation do its job of winning the case.

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