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5 Ways to Sharpen You Legal Bio

5 Ways to Sharpen You Legal Bio on

When a potential client is on the fence, your bio can help you win their custom

Every attorney should update their professional bio on a regular basis in order to connect better with their potential clients. It is an important marketing tool to use and so it is worthy of returning to on a regular basis. Your bio should be to the point, brief, well-written, and should easily demonstrate the benefits of working with you. Follow these tips in order to maximize the benefits associated with your legal biography.

1. Write with your ideal client in mind

Include benefits woven throughout your legal biography that would ignite the interest of an audience that are interested in hiring you. Having this in mind while writing your biography from start to finish can increase the chances that you’ll easily connect with someone who is already your ideal client.

Once you have completed the bio, you could benefit from reading it out loud. Do you feel passionate about what you wrote? Does it accurately convey who you are? This is a great way to establish yourself as a solid editor of your own work, and to tweak things that might increase the chances that you hear from your ideal clients.

2. Use personality

Your abilities as well as your personality should be subtly reflected in your legal biography. Of course you want to capitalize on your education and your experience, but you also want to include some elements that show that you are also a human being. Individuals want to hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable and professional but also someone with whom they can easily relate. This is why it is imperative to include some personality in your legal biography, even if it seems like a great opportunity to keep things business only. 

You don’t need to delve into all the private details of your life, but it can be very helpful to show your potential clients that you have interests and hobbies outside the office, too. Even though professionalism is such an important component of hiring the right lawyer, people also love seeing that you can connect with them on other levels. Provide room for that in your biography, even if it’s only briefly.

3. Include examples

Including types of transactions or cases that you have handled can illustrate even further that your ideal client should decide to retain your services as soon as possible. Never name the client, but you can reference various outcomes or situations that are unique to your own background. Showing how you have used your talents to succeed

4. Make it brief

Too many attorneys provide a long rendered biography that does not give any opportunity to clearly make a point to the intended reader. While it might seem tempting to include all of your accomplishments and many different details, it can actually overwhelm the reader and make them miss out on critical information that could have caused them to hire you. Make sure that you edit your biography a couple of times so that it is clear, concise and compelling.

5. Include important keywords

Because the vast majority of people conduct research of any type online—including their search for legal counsel—you’ll want to make sure you’re using the terms people use to search for attorneys with your experience so your profile appears in on the results pages for relevant queries.

When you’re able to strike a balance between your background, accomplishments, and personality in your bio, you’re more likely to attract your ideal clients.