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#Ways to make the holidays happy for your law firm team

#Ways to make the holidays happy for your law firm team on

Make your staff happy with these useful and fun suggestions

The holidays can be a stressful time for any law firm team. While end-of-year deadlines loom large, employees often need time off to spend with their families– which often makes it difficult to complete big projects on-schedule. However, with a little hard work, some smart planning and a dash of creativity, you can make sure your law firm team gets their work done and has a great time this holiday season.

Plan company fun– inside and outside the office

The holidays are a festive time for everyone– and no matter how many upcoming deadlines your law firm has, your office should reflect this. To set the mood for the season, decorate your law office festively and bring in sweets like gingerbread cookies and milk, candy canes, and apple pie for your entire staff to enjoy.

While it might seem obvious, don’t forget to give employees gifts to celebrate the holiday season and to thank them for their hard work. Good holiday gift ideas include restaurant gift certificates, Amazon gift cards, and hardcover books (if you know the person well.) Extra paid time off is also an excellent gift that employees will certainly appreciate. Also, in addition to giving gifts to each of your staff, make sure to have at least one office holiday party or event to help your team bond outside of work and celebrate the holiday season. A team that makes memories together is equipped to work harder and better in pursuit of a greater goal.

Keep engagement high with challenging goals (and give back to the community as well)

The holidays may make it more difficult to concentrate for many members of your team– and a challenging goal can help focus everyone’s efforts toward the greater good of the firm. However, the team goal doesn’t necessarily have to be work-focused to help increase employee engagement in the workplace. Instead, you may want the team to work together on an office-organized fundraising event and set a specific donation goal for an agreed-upon charity. Any kind of event-planning or volunteering by team members can go a long way toward helping to improve team spirit– and there’s nothing quite as good for your team members as knowing that they’re making a positive difference in their community.Be flexible with time off

Be flexible with time off

While the holiday season means different things to different people, to most, it’s a time for family. Most of your employees will either be planning to host relatives, or alternatively, to visit them– whether they live across the state, across the country, or even across the world. Additionally, those of your team members with children will likely need time to attend holiday related school events such as holiday plays or music recitals.

Therefore, if you want to make your team happy, there’s nothing better than being flexible when it comes to their holiday off time. Keep in mind, the holidays are full of surprises– so if an employee needs to shift their off-days at the last minute, or even take a few days off in advance, the best thing you can do is to be accommodating. The holidays only happen once a year– and this is a special opportunity to inspire confidence in your team by showing them that you’re an understanding and caring leader.

When it comes to a happy team, attitude is everything

All the tips above will go far in making your team happier this holiday season– but the most important aspect of law firm happiness doesn’t come in the form of a box or extra days off; it results from the positive attitude of the team– and that starts at the top. Being a supportive, kind, and encouraging boss may be the best gift you can give your team this holiday season.

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