Full-service, realtime court reporting, videography, conferencing
We’re the preferred partner of law firms across Florida and the US
When you need precision, accuracy and speed
Boss delivers...in realtime
Never have a privileged conversation accidentally recorded again
Boss realtime reporters only record what they’re supposed to
What a difference realtime makes!
Instantly available, easily sharable and immediately viewable

Boss Certified Realtime Court Reporting

We provide real-time reporting for trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations and conferences and serve as resource of valuable industry information to attorneys, law firms and legal organizations. And while we’re headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, we offer conference facilities throughout the USA.

Each of our more than 40 reporters are well-versed in the complex legal, medical and technical terms used in trials and as a result, can expertly record with precision and without hesitation. As a member of both the National and Florida Court Reporting Associations, we’re committed to adhering to and exceeding the ethical standards set by the industry.

We strive to be your partner in the courtroom and in your practice by keeping you up to date on the latest industry trends and offering viable ways to help you improve and grow your practice.